Your Equipment For Food Management In Gastronomy And Restaurants

When you need to ensure food quality and at the same time fulfil HACCP regulations in gastronomy, Testo is your reliable partner. Our thermometers, data loggers and cooking oil testers are proven in practice and belong to the standard equipment of restaurants, canteens and quick-service gastronomy.

In the area of food preparation and serving meals, you have to pay attention to the correct heating and temperature of the food. Testo provides measurement instrument to assist on monitoring Temperature and Humidity on your desired location.

Temperature monitor is important for food service as will reassurance and compliance on the quality of food. As temperature is monitor optimal temperature in your food storage coolers and freezers allows you to keep your food fresh. Testo food safety measurement instruments with HACCP certified can help monitor temperature and check temperature, humidity and ph levels of food in restaurant and preparation process

Measuring Temperature and Humidity would have a range of instruments which you could select from the area below

Find the right food safety measurement instruments for you now.

Which measurement tasks occur in food management in gastronomy?
As a restaurateur, you want to serve your guests fresh and tasty dishes without any contamination by germs. You ensure this quality through two principles:

  • Compliance with the cold chain for refrigerated foods
  • Sufficient heating of cooked dishes

The right food safety measurement instrument for every work step

Incoming Goods

  • Infrared-penetration thermometer
  • Guarantee quality right from the beginning – quickly and precisely

Food Service

  • Penetration thermometer
  • So that the core temperature is right – with almost invisible punctures

Food Storage

  • Measuring instruments, data loggers and monitoring systems.
  • Efficient temperature monitoring – manual or automated

Food Preparation

  • Temperature measuring instruments and cooking oil tester
  • Check quality during preparation – reliably and efficiently