Ties and Pocket Squares

Ties and Pocket Squares

Makrom continues to make users feel special by offering different designs for trousers, shirts, jackets, suits, suit accessories, ties and pocket squares. Unlimited variety of colors, patterns and models bring together.

Each season comes with its own different trends. The demands of the users are renewed every season.

Colors and patterns come together in different ways every season. To follow the innovations and catch the trend of the season, Makrom appeals to a wide audience in men’s clothing.

Shirt models, suits and trousers with different fabric types and weaves are produced for each season.

While there are models with non-sweaty, breathable features that can be useful in the summer months, in which you will feel comfortable, in the winter months, we come across with products that will make you look stylish while keeping your body warm.

Guide: How to Combine Your Pocket Square and Tie

In shirt models, which are indispensable for men’s clothing, we, the users, make sure that they are comfortable in addition to their external appearance.

The sleeve lengths are among the points we pay special attention to in terms of body-fitting structure, collar components and shoulder tightness.

In Makrom shirts, every detail is thought out exactly. They have very comfortable builds. Thanks to its stretchy fabrics, you feel very comfortable and happy in it.

If you want to examine Makrom shirts, trousers, ties and pocket squares or suits, you can examine the products they offer for sale on the website in detail.

I am very glad that I use Makrom products. If you want to try it, you can complete your shopping with security methods on the website.