Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Venezuela

Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Venezuela

Venezuela is a country located on the Northern Coast of South America, and it is home to some paradisiacal places. However, the country also has the highest inflation rates in the world, so it is no surprise that the housing market is catastrophic.

The indigenous currency of Venezuela (the bolivar) is the most undervalued in the world, so house sellers usually do their business in dollars. And in the last couple of years, millions of Venezuelans have moved to other countries, so a lot of houses have been sold or rented out. Most of these properties have been let go for much lower than their actual value, but there are a couple of places where the high prices of properties are maintained. They are the most expensive places to buy property in Venezuela, and these are the top five.

Barquisimeto: Barquisimeto is the fourth largest city in Venezuela and it is one of the most popular cities to live in the country. The city lies on the edge of the Turbio River, and it has a pleasant climate. The city has a mix of old Spanish-styled buildings and modern designs. The most popular part of this area is probably the Barquisimeto Cathedral, however, there are many more architectural masterpieces that make this city such an interesting place to visit. Some of the houses in Barquisimeto go for as high as over $50,000 for cash buyers and it is said that this city is the location of some of the most beautiful sunsets.

Maracaibo: Located in northwestern Venezuela, Maracaibo is a relatively small town with a high level of affluence. The old architecture blends perfectly with the new buildings, and it represents the fusion of the colonial history of Venezuela with modern entertainment in the country. The area is known for its vibrant music scene as well as the expansive public parks. The house prices around Maracaibo are variable, and depend on what part of the area the property is located, with some of these properties costing as high as $100,000.

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Isla de Margarita: The Island of Margarita is commonly known as a top tourist destination, and the house prices reflect how highly rated the area is. The closer the house is to the beach, the more expensive it might be. The island lies about 40kilometers away from the mainland, and it has some of the most beautiful soft sand beaches in South America.

Valencia: Valencia is one of the largest cities in Venezuela, and it is a huge center for manufacturing industries in the country, as well as business and finance. The city is surrounded by mountains, apart from the east side that looks over Lake Valencia. There are many special landmarks in the city, with monuments and statues being commonplace all around the city. The trees and greenery around also make the area a favorable place to live. Although, some of the properties cost way over a hundred thousand dollars.

Caracas: Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, so it one of the most important cities there. It is a very busy metropolis known for its great food and cultural diversity. It has been remarked as a lovely place to explore, with great places to see art, taste food, as well as a very energetic nightlife. The city is situated in a valley, where it is overlooked by Mount Avila. The landscape of the city is enough to make you fall in love with the city of Caracas.