Is It Now The Right Time To Put The Money Into Magento PWA?

when to develop magento pwa

PWA is a hybrid of a native app and a website. It has become a budget-friendly option for Magento merchants when upgrading their website. The question is, when is the ideal time to start Magento PWA development.

The answer is now. Magento stores should start building the Progressive Web Application as soon as possible. The e-commerce industry is developing at a rapid rate. Thus, online shopping sites need to upgrade constantly to maintain old customers and attract new buyers at the same time.

Magento PWA is ideal for bringing a better experience to shop for visitors and a wise investment decision for firms.

This post will discuss why we choose this time as the perfect beginning for integrating PWA in Magento 2 websites. Let’s dive in!

The Growth Of Mobile Commerce

Technology always surprises people with the fantastic speed of development. Nowadays, most people own at least one laptop and a mobile phone. Some claim that they could not live without these devices for more than a day.

Thus the addiction to technological gadgets forms the habit of online shopping. It starts as a hobby and now becomes an integral part of human life.

For the above reasons, the integration of a technology that can help to improve mobile experience like PWA is necessary for Magento businesses to adapt to current users’ habits.

Tool To Beat Other Rivals

Most stores own a website. It indicates that merchants need a better one to succeed in the e-commerce business.

With the same product and even a similar quality level, customers would prefer shopping on a website that brings a better digital experience. Thus the winner in this game is a PWA store.

Plus, the Magento PWA increases the diversity of customers. It attracts users of different devices instead of concentrating on laptop users like web or phone users like the app.

It’s worth noting that if your Magento store adopts PWA early, it will become your competitive advantage. However, if your competitors do it sooner, they gain that advantage.

Better Customer Experience

Magento PWA can work as a tool to boost the number of online shop visits and orders. Therefore, the sooner it is built the better.

More specifically, PWA for Magento brings along the features that turn a normal website into an amazing online store:

Add to the home screen

Customers can install a Magento PWA website in a few seconds. It appears like other native apps on the user’s device.

It creates a shortcut on the store’s website, so the space it consumes is very little. Thus, the installation process is fast, and customers can still enjoy a large memory space.

For a mobile app, customers must complete four steps: log in, search for the app, verify personal information, and wait for at least 1 minute to download it. This takes too much time and requires a stable Internet connection throughout the process.

Offline mode

PWA Magento grants access to the store even in the conditions of no Internet connection. This function works with preloaded data.

Also, customers no longer worry about losing connection when ordering a product. The information of the order would be saved and sent to merchants when reconnection is done.

Push notification

Stores can send a notification directly to the device of buyers. The information would appear on the lock screen, and customers can access the news from there.

Fast loading speed

Magento Progressive Web App has a faster loading speed than an average website by restoring the layout and memorizing the pages after the first view.

Life has become busier than ever, and saving time for customers by making the information appear quicker can help merchants gain a larger market share.


Another strength that Magento PWA adds to the online shopping website is a responsive storefront.

The content and design are optimized for different types of devices. Thus, customers can view the products with any of the gadgets they have in hand.

Also, the PWA hides the URL, allowing more space to view the product and less scrolling for purchasers.

Build Your Magento PWA ASAP!

Now is the perfect time for Magento businesses to get started with PWA. Hesitation would make the store lose its place in the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

With the help of Magento PWA, merchants can find fewer obstacles in gaining a top place in the e-commerce industry.

The online shopping experience of customers can be improved with more advanced features from the Progressive Web App. For merchants, the higher profit would help them to expand their business further in the future.