Custom Car Appraisal West Palm Beach Fl

We have been walking down this road for quite a long time now offering our appraisal services on a lot of custom cars in West Palm Beach Fl. Custom car appraisal West Palm Beach Fl carries out appraisals of classic cars, street rods, custom cars etc. We ensure that quality car appraisals are carried out for donations/divorce valuations, diminished value claims and total loss disputes.


Do you know the type of insurance that is appropriate for you?  We are well placed for your daily car that is going down in value, give you a necessary report on your custom car that is appreciating has a decent selection of used Volkswagen Golf cars to view online that needs an entirely different insurance platform.

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Custom Car Appraisals

It is necessary that a custom car is adequately insured for an amount that your insurance company and you can agree would replace it if the need arises. But how would your insurance firm comprehend the customizations or rarity of your customized vehicle so they can do the needful? This is where we come in.


We offer appraisal services AutoVillage depending on what you want, and they include replacement cost or fair market appraisal also referred to as actual cash value appraisals, prior to loss appraisals and diminished value appraisals.

Custom car appraisal West Palm Beach Fl, also provide services such as vehicle valuation representation which includes arbitration representation and professional witness services. We pride ourselves in having a great experience, expertise, and credentials in providing our clients with a competent and professional valuation representation.

A lot of the world top collectors patronize us because they trust us with their valuable and prized automotive investments. We have reliable professionals as workers who precise and accurate at what they do. They are well trained and versatile in the field of custom car appraisal, so at the end of the day, it’s a double win situation.

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We have been steadily growing and attracting international recognition. Our appraisal firm has appraised a lot of vehicles in West Palm Beach Fl. We are the preferred option for all kinds of vehicles appraisals. Our appraisals for custom vehicles are approved as well as been recognized by all bodies and institutions, including banks, car clubs, major insurance firms, lawyers and a whole lot more.

For your information we are registered by the access and service BC company, we are one the few recognized and approved vehicle appraisers for the ICBC collector plate program in the West Palm Beach Fl.