5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Lisbon on your Next Vacation

5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Lisbon on your Next Vacation

Lisbon is about beauty, historical cities, nature, delicious cuisines, and loves to explore culture then what are you still waiting for? You can go to Lisbon this year when you plan your annual vacation trip.

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Top Things you can do in Lisbon:

You might still have no idea what type of attractions Lisbon city but here are a few attractions and things you can do once you reach there:

Castelo de São Jorge:

This place is at the top of the list of Lisbon city attractions. This is an iconic landmark that consists of a museum, archaeological site, and battlements. It is like a complete package for the people who like to explore historical places. The mighty walls and towers will only take you back to the times when it was built.

One more beautiful fact about this attraction is that from the top of the castle you can enjoy a ravishing view of the river of Talbot. You can have a view of Lisbon city like the whole city from this castle.

Oceanário de Lisboa:

Have you ever thought about ocean life before? Like what is hidden in the depths of the ocean? Well, you can have a peek and get to know more about aquatic life at one of the finest aquariums in Europe. It is one of the largest aquariums in the plus it is a family-oriented place so you can take your little kids there so they will get to know more about the sea animals closely.


This place is one of the finest restaurants that serve traditional Portuguese food with all the natural and raw flavors. Famous chef João Rodrigues runs this place. He wants to keep the Portuguese flavor in their dishes alive by serving top quality food whether it is a vegetable dish or seafood. Everything will speak for itself and you will feel the flavors of Portuguese traditions in them.

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Pastéis de Belém:

Have you ever been to Paris and didn’t get a chance to see the Eiffel tower? Well, this sounds quite idiotic and if you go to Lisbon and haven’t tried pastel de Belém then you are missing out on the most deliciously baked tart. People in queues waiting to get their pastry from this bakeshop early in the morning. So you must try these because they are worth it.

National Museum of Ancient Arts:

Well, sometimes it feels good to get lost in ancient times and the art of that era. It is a must-see attraction in Lisbon city. This museum holds the largest collection of famous 15th and 16th-century paintings.

Final Words:

Things we talked about and mentioned above are not justice to the beauty of Lisbon. Lisbon has much more to offer because beauty can’t be expressed and explained in words until you see it with your own eyes. Don’t be confused anymore, just start planning your Lisbon trip.