12 Gift Items For Him and Her Under Rs 500

12 Gift Items For Him and Her Under Rs 500

You are known by the meaningful gifts you give and not by the price tag. Even in your budget, you can get your hands on some of the most utility gifts for the receiver. Do not get blinded by flashy prices because the price tag doesn’t make the gift alluring rather its your efforts and thoughts in choosing that would appeal the recipient more. A list of gifts for both his/her recipient in your guest list under Rs. 500.

Mugs: Beverage mugs can be used for sipping hot and cold beverages. It can also be used to store things or use it as a vase. If the recipient likes to try some DIY, she or he can arrange flower stems in the mug. Personalising the mug with a picture or name would make it even more desirable.

Cushions: The cost-friendly way to amp up the interiors is to add cushions to your sofa or bed. Cushions also represent the meanings of care and warmth. A universal gift choice for both him or her. LED cushions and quirky cushions like emoji-based, heart-shape, designer are currently being liked by people.

Chocolate Box: Chocolates are always relished even if the person prefers less sugary delights. Dark chocolates have proven health-benefits and are antioxidant good for the brain; so you can surely give a bar or a box of dark chocolate to please the recipient’s sweet-tooth.

T-shirts: You can easily get t-shirts under Rs. 500 as per your choice of design and colours. It’s always the go-to-gift option in the apparel category because everyone wears the classic round-neck or V-neck t-shirts. There is less scope of the receiver not liking it.

Personalised gifts: Personalised gifts are not always expensive. Some choices are affordable as well like custom photo frames, custom keychains, custom tote bags, custom diary, custom mousepad, etc. From the aforementioned choices, pick the one that best suits the recipients taste.

Novels: Someone who likes to read books will never say he or she has too many of it. Books will be appreciated by the receiver. Choose genres that the person likes to read and gift it accordingly.

Flowers: Cost-friendly yet beautiful to receive; flowers know the trick to make a person happy. You can avail online delivery of fresh flowers or can create a DIY. Pluck flowers from your garden, arrange them in a vase or hand-tie it in a bunch and you are good to go.

Pastry: A box of pastry is much more affordable than the cake. On Birthdays and anniversaries, pastry can be gifted in place of a cake as it satiates the sweet cravings instantly and leave you feeling full.

Basket of chips: The favourite snacks to binge on is chips. Healthier versions are also available in the market like ragi chips, pita chips, flavoured foxnuts, and many more varieties. Getting a whole basket to enjoy would be a pleasurable experience for him/her.

Stationery: Gone are the days when stationery used to be boring and dull. Today with the invention of technology, even stationery has become quirky, cool, and cute. Diaries, pen, stickers, books, paints, colours, boards, sticky notes and whatnot to gift.

Bottles: Water bottles that can easily fit in your bags or hand are a blessing, especially in summers. Make the recipient feel blessed and help him/her stay hydrated and healthy with this thoughtful gift.

Gift Trunks: Gift trunks are quite popular these days. You can add small tokens as per your budget and give to the receiver. The trunk can be used as a decor piece or utility box later.

Hope, you have got enough ideas to gift without breaking the bank.